Welcome to Summer Voyages where we make it our personal mission to give you some of the most exceptional travel experiences on the island of Sri Lanka. We combine unique experience with great service to make your journey hassle free and truly memorable.

We are a customer oriented company which means you will always come first. In fact it is our mission to make you the priority at all times. We deliver the preeminent holiday experiences that are the equivalent of dreams come true on the shores of paradise.  We ensure that this dream holiday comes to you with the best service, tailor made holidays, personalized attention to detail.

Summer Voyages is a limited liability organization based in Sri Lanka and incorporated in 1992 in the business of travel and tours, sanctioned by the Sri Lanka tourism authority. We are highly service oriented, dependable and pioneering as a travel company in the booming Sri Lankan leisure industry. Our expertise over the last 20+ years have given us keen insights into the travel needs of the modern traveler as well as unique aspects of the island that make us stand out as the best tour company in Sri Lanka.

We are a united and dedicated team that has focused on and become the best inbound tour operator in Sri Lanka, owing to the many smiles we’ve put on the faces of every traveler who has journeyed the island with us.

We aim to serve both travelers and agents with unconditionally, offering options and selections at every stage of the journey from experiences to destinations to accommodation and beyond. Each adventure is custom created with the traveler in mind and our extensive experience ranges from adventure to nature to sports to eco tourism, culture, wellness and more.
Our experiences of yesterday have prepared us for the journey of today and the voyage of tomorrow.  Come on a voyage with us and we’ll make it nothing short of magical!


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